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commission8 - Aisuryuu by Hanami-Kokoro
Azu Archive - Graduates
AoH: Fantine Reve -Character Sheet- by NaitomeIya
Aoh App - Kaede Tanaka by kaetyuki
AoHC - Dysdamion Argyros by ninjanu
AoHC- Niklaus Romulus by RielCakes
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commission8 - Aisuryuu by Hanami-Kokoro commission8 - Aisuryuu :iconhanami-kokoro:Hanami-Kokoro 5 5
Behold, the Azureus' House Teachers!



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:new: UPDATE: The flooples are now all grown up and have floated off on their way! Blinky thanks everyone who helped take care of them from the bottom of his heart, and has gone back to napping for the winter.

AoH :: Adult Floople by Oseike.

Here's all the awesome students who helped out!
AoH :: Venna Floooooop by Oseike AoHC: Flooples event 2016 by Recliff AoHC: Floople Handling by icecheetah
floop L by NaitomeIya AoH: Adorable Flooples by pencilhigh
Elliot Feeding Flooples by irockssocks Floople Smooch by vampkimi

As an early dusting of snow covers the academy campus, something slightly unexpected might catch one's eye: the Azureus pond has resisted frosting over, but instead steams slightly in the chilly air, kept warm by none other than Azureus' most famous resident: Blinky.

20161107 Venna by Oseike

:bulletblue: Open to: Students, staff, graduates
:bulletblue: Deadline: Dec 9 for art
:bulletblue: RP: :new: Dec 10, evening time in EST!
:bulletblue: Rewards: 1 EC for art + 1 EC for RP, plus something special from Blinky! but Blinky will only reward you if you drew something

It would appear that a band of Astradii Floricus, a somewhat rare magical creature, had a late batch of kids! Super cute!!!  But with the onslaught of winter, the adults couldn't remain behind to raise them properly and had to migrate off the island.  So before they left, they asked the Azu pond's guardian, Blinky, to help!

AoH :: Blinky and the Flooples by Oseike

He looks rather troubled, doesn't he...  You see, Blinky's gone and turned his pond into a nursery for the baby Flooples - isn't the name Floople much cuter than Floricus?! - but wellll....he may have underestimated just how many there were, and how much work it would be to raise them.  So he's sending out an S.O.S!  A cry for help!  A formal request to his exciting and always delightful neighbors - um, of course, that would be us students, you see.  So, if anyone should like to help in feeding or playing with the rambunctious kids, or singing them a lullaby so they'll take a nap, or anything really, Blinky would be reeeaallyy grateful!  He's even said he'll give a token of his appreciation once they've all turned into adults and left! :heart:

What you have to do

Draw your oc playing with, feeding, singing, or otherwise hanging out and interacting with the Flooples!  They look like this when taken out of the water:

AoH :: Baby Flooples by Oseike

Some notes:
:bulletblue: Their body sans tentacles is around the size of a kitten.  
:bulletblue: They can be any color and can have patterns on their furry bodies or on the leafy seaweed-like appendages.
:bulletblue: Or not! They can just be solid colors too.  
:bulletblue: If you're feeding them, be sure to only give them soft foods!
:bulletblue: Be sure not to take them far or Blinky will take offense.
:bulletblue: Please submit them to the group's events folder!

RP Session

There will also be an RP, tentatively set for :new: December 10th. Leave a comment below on your preference and we shall use it to decide which day to go for!

You don't have to be at the RP to get the reward. However, if you rp but don't draw, you won't get the reward because your oc didn't come help out!  So, this is an art-based event.  But we still hope your OCs will come to say farewell to the fully grown Flooples as they leave their watery nest during the ending RP! (Also it's a fun and fast way for Blinky to grant his gift to your OC in character).  Plus they're so adorable! Why would you miss this?!

Participants will gain 1 EC for drawing for the event (only given once), and there will be an additional 1 EC granted for those who join the RP! If you only RP, you can still get 1 EC from joining.

AoH :: Feed Me Chirp! by Oseike
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