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:bulletblue: Azu Calendar Completion! (8/12)
:bulletblue: Note us anything else you'd like to post here!

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Behold, the Azureus' House Teachers!



Sorry, we are not taking anymore affiliates currently.
EDIT: There is a new update to the graduation system concerning League 3 students. Scroll down to :bulletred: Graduation bullet to see it!

All Semester 5 events have now come to a close, as preparations begin for Semester 6. There will be a lot of changes to how AoH is going to work this semester, which the main staff are rolling out. I will be keeping you up to date with announcements as updates to the main group come out. I hope you have been keeping up, but I will break it down in a brief summary for you here. Here are a few things I would like to address so far. 

Blue bullets are about Azureus, red bullets are about the Academy! Scroll past the red bullets for Azureus stuff if you already read the Academy updates.

:bulletblue: Character Sheets

To be honest, our character sheet system has been a little hard to fix, as they were placed in Favorites when AoH-Azureus was created, and by the time the decision was made to put them in the main gallery, most students had gone inactive and we cannot secure their approval to add their character sheets to the gallery. However, if you are able to, please place your character sheet into AzuStudents. Since we are unable to make subfolders, they will be kept in order from newest to oldest (League 6 to League 1).

:bulletred: Class Schedule

Semesters will now be divided into two quarters, with the opportunity to take two classes per quarter. You will now be able to learn four skills per semester!

Read more: About The Academy

:bulletred: Credits

The Academy will now have a credit system that will now give a rate on how fast your characters progresses in skill and count towards graduation! Academic credits and event credits will now be awarded for - you guessed it - classes and events, respectively. Academic credits will count towards graduation, and... maybe there will be some cool prize for collecting event credits. 

:bulletred: Houses

Since the house populations have become very skewed over the years in AoH, there is a randomization system in place for new students this semester, which includes students who enroll a new character. You can also lose your place by being inactive and having your grade drop to F, after which you will be re-randomized to a new house, or pay 3 event credits to go to a house of your choice. I hope that doesn't have to happen to anyone here, so be good students and stay loyal to your Azureus pride! 

:bulletred: Graduation

The graduation system is now official, and League 1 & 2 students are now automatically and officially recognized as Academy graduates! I know most of them aren't here with us anymore but congratulations on all your hard work! As a graduate, you: 
• are not required to leave the group
• are no longer considered as a student
• can no longer participate in classes, regular school events, contribute house points
• can still participate in special "extra" events such as invasion events
• can submit graduate stories to the AoHC gallery (coming soon)
• can enroll a new student character
However, you can send a "Request Not to Graduate" note to AoHC to continue taking classes.

:new: League 3 students will also get a chance to graduate! Many of you enrolled with the expectation of graduating in two semesters like your seniors, before the graduation system was abolished. Now that it is back, those who have worked hard now have the opportunity to get out of the school (lol). League 3 students can send a "Request to Graduate" to AoHC

You can check the status of your student in the Student List.

So how will these changes affect what is going on in the group? 

:bulletblue: Membership

All members registered in AoH-Azureus must be a member of AoHC with a student in Azureus House or have a graduate character from Azureus.

If you are rehoused due to a character swap or dropping grade, then I must ask you to withdraw your membership from the group. Official resignations from AoHC must also be accompanied with withdrawal from AoH-Azureus. You won't be able to contribute any house points to us or to our gallery anymore, after all, but in either case, you can choose to keep your artwork in our galleries.
*Privilege limitations prevent current active staff from removing members. Please help us keep membership organized by taking the initiative.

I recognize that I have had several wonderful and helpful staff members who may be moving on to a different house this semester, and I appreciate your hard work in making Azureus what it is. You'll always be a part of us and are always welcome for tea.

If you had a character who graduated from Azureus, you will remain in the HonoredAzu bracket in the #AOHAZUREUS chatroom, regardless of current status. The "Honored Azu" title is a recognition of your character's success while you were with us. Members who have resigned without graduating will be in the Ex-Students bracket. 

Do you think this is fair? Give us some feedback in the comments!

:bulletblue: Dorms

There is really little more to say besides that graduated students should now move out of the dormitory to start their new lives, but don't worry, we are generous with our space to those who need to build an economic start. But you had better be out by next semester.

:bulletblue: Wikia

All character information on the Azureus Wiki is up to the individual members. I encourage you to make a Wikia account and contribute! Add to our gallery of amazing stories! Tell your character's life journey! We've made the base pages, but character info is solely up to you. 

"Graduates" category will also be added to character pages. 

That's all for now, and we don't intend to make any changes to this group until all the dust settles down at the Academy and we get to meet our new students. Look forward to the new Semester!

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