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:bulletblue: Azu Calendar Completion! (8/12)
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:bulletblue: This brings the Sakura Festival to an end. I'd like to thank everyone for coming out and making the event a blast! For the winners of the prize raffle, check the list below! (PS It seems that icons did not do the "mention" feature properly, so I'll try tagging the winners again. Sorry for the inbox spam!)

:iconsakuratreeplz: Prize Winners

:bulletblue: Assortment of Questionable Tea: Conan Heidrich (Quattrochi)

:bulletpink: Assortment of Gourmet Tea: Helena Miyazaki (vampkimi)

:bulletblue: Kanzashi: (4 Designs: Sakura, Plum Blossom, Peach Blossom, Wisteria - Winners pick one!) Leave a comment to pick one. No duplicates.
Minoru Hamano (EnzanBlues456)
Venna Vennadrinis (Wisteria) (Oseike)
Draco Vesylia (Plum Blossom) (Aisuryuu)
Yuena Song (Peach Blossom) (S-hui)

:bulletpink: Enchanted Teapot: Dervon Raedburne (Drakedragon)
Keeps your tea at the perfect temperature all day

:bulletblue: Sakura Tree Model: Fantine Reve (Irismightlikepink)
Has a small pool at the bottom that will release sakura fragrance throughout the room when filled with water

:bulletpink: Silk Parasol: Elisabeth Vogel (SnuggleMeDaily)

:bulletblue: Bokken: Aislinn Menodora (sweetsweetsunshines)

:bulletpink: King Blinky Plush: Evelyn Eiriol (winnietehpoohie)

:iconsakuraflowerplz1: Dates: Until May 31

Welcome to the second annual Azureus Sakura Festival!! The event is back due to last year's success and popular inquiry. The festival is held outdoors under the sakura grove of Azureus House, near Blinky's koi pond, with food, games and music to celebrate the spring! 

In real life, cherry blossoms typically bloom starting from January in warm regions, to late April in colder areas. They seem to bloom all at once, lingering for all to see for a week, until they all scatter and fall. However, to give everybody ample time to enjoy the event, this festival will last until May 31.  

:iconsakuratreeplz: Roleplay

Roleplaying will be held in AoHAzureus  on MAY 16,  9PM PDT. There might be one more RP session before the event ends. You are always free to RP the setting on your own.
Date and time subject to change due to outside circumstances.

:iconkittydividerplz: Event Features:iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividerblueplz:

Music Concert: To serve as entertainment during the event, the Light Music Club will be holding a concert. Give a congratulations to the new band members for their great performance!

Bullet; Blue Boutique: A volunteer at the boutique last year, Magistra Fantine will open a clothing booth this year as well for your character to find their own custom outfit for the festival! Couldn't find anything to wear? Never fear and shop here! Fantine will make sure you look your best.

Bullet; Blue Games: There will also be a number of games at the festival where you can win some small prizes. 
  • Yoyo Tsuri: (or yoyo-fishing) Catch a water balloon from the pool using a hook on a strip of paper. The paper "string" will tear easily, so try to hook your yoyo-balloon fast! You can take the balloon home and play with it for the rest of the festival, along with a small prize.
  • Goldfish catch: Catch a goldfish from the pool using a paper net.
  • Beanbag toss: Test your aim and throw beanbags into the holes of the decorated backboard! Nail the highest level and you can bring a prize home! Each person gets three attempts. To keep this game orderly, only two people can go at a time.
For detailed game instructions and prizes, please read: Sakura Festival Game Instructions

Bullet; Blue Food & Drink: As the hosts of this event, the Azureus Teahouse will put out a booth catering food and drinks for the event, with bento, sweets and snacks, and of course, tea, both cold and iced. Try our special seasonal sakura brew for this event! The teahouse will also be open for those who want to step back a little from the crowds. 

:iconsakuratreeplz: Prize Raffle

Join this event for the chance to win a special prize! There will be raffle tickets passed out throughout the event. The place to look for them is during chatroom RPs or on updates to this journal page, so keep your eyes peeled! 

How to Play

1. There will be a journal update on this page or a post in the chatroom by chocominty which will announce a chance to get tickets. 

2. You can only receive one ticket per character. Each ticket will have a number and all tickets are automatically entered in the raffle. 

3. If you missed the chance to get a ticket, there will be several opportunities given throughout the event, so don't worry! When tickets are handed out in the chatroom, tab chocominty within 5 minutes in the main chat and say you claim a ticket with your character's name. For tickets handed out via journal, simply leave a comment of the same nature within 24 hours of the post.

4. The drawing results will be determined by random number generator and announced in this journal on final day of the event, May 31. If you want to experience the moment, then come to Main Chat to await the results!

Raffle Prizes

Bullet; Blue King Blinky Plush
Bullet; Blue Bokken (+5% Water resistance) 
Bullet; Pink Silk Parasol (+5% Water resistance)
Bullet; Blue Sakura Tree Model
Bullet; Pink Enchanted Teapot
Bullet; Blue Kanzashi (4 designs)
Bullet; Pink Assortment of Gourmet Tea
Bullet; Blue Assortment of Questionable Tea



Thanks to everyone for their wonderful help in organizing this event this year!

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