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:bulletblue: Azu Calendar Completion! (8/12)
:bulletblue: Note us anything else you'd like to post here!

RP Finder :bulletblue: Housing Directory :bulletblue: Birthday List :bulletblue: Azu Events :bulletblue: Guide to Azureus :bulletblue: Azu Wiki :bulletblue: Suggestion Box

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:bulletblue: Sorry, we are not taking any more affiliations currently.


Behold, the Azureus' House Teachers!



Sorry, we are not taking anymore affiliates currently.
:iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz:WELCOME TO SEMESTER 6:iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividerblueplz:

Hi everyone, and welcome to a new semester! We're looking forward to some exciting new things around here! First of all, I'd like to welcome our new teachers, or rather, congratulate them, as they are our very own League 3 students! Give a round of applause to:

Fantine Reve The Snow Bunny by Irismightlikepink
Fantine Rêve, the Snow Bunny, and

AoH:: Dysdamion Alexander Argyros by ninjanu
Dysdamion Argyros, the Duke of Destruction!!

They will be teaching Ice Magic and Combat Arts, respectively.

I would also like to welcome our new students to the house, and wish everyone to have an enjoyable experience here. Are you all excited at another chance to earn the House Cup? If we work extra hard, I'm sure we can grab it!

Now, on to announcements!

EDIT: Corrected error about Secret Gift Exchange submission dates.



:bulletblack: Please go to the Current Events page for a summary of new events.

:new::bulletred: There is an Introduction Event to start out the new semester so everyone can get to know your character! Simply fill out the provided meme template on the event journal. It will end on January 10. Submissions will go into Campus Events.

:new::snowflake: Since the opening of the semester occurred close to the holiday season, our traditional Secret Santa event this year has been delayed. But now that everything has settled in, it's time to get back to the tradition with the S6 Secret Gift Exchange! You know how it goes, right? Comment on the event journal with your wishlist by January 10, and you will receive the name of your person to draw for!

If you ran out of ideas for your wishlist, you can request fanart of your favorite things, or other people's characters (with their permission, of course).

The time to post your gifts will be February 1-7, and no later than February 14 for any late gifts. If you would like to be an extra gifter this year, please send a note to Takaya-chan. Remember to check the event journal for all the rules.

:new::bulletpink: Our Very Own Carousel is a student event with the prompt to design house-themed mounts for a carousel about the academy! I encourage anyone to try it out and have fun with it I had better see a Blinky in there

:bulletred: It was released a couple of months ago, but for all of you who missed the Epilogue to S5 Exams, you can read it here:

S5 EpilogueThe Caelestis Edenia began to fall from the sky, as if it were chasing the setting sun.
The flames that burned the ship cast the same fiery glow as the evening sky.

The deck of the ship was torn from the fierce struggle, but the efforts of the students managed to save the ship from the worst of it.
Amidst broken splinters and spilt blood sat Sofya Moriagorre, who had just subdued the Pirate Ice Witch Diunne at no small effort.
But her fight was far from over, for heavy footsteps confronted her from behind.

Monome: You… you killed her…
Sofya: ...
Monome: What have you done with her body? I can’t believe anyone would do something like this… you are a monster. A demon.
Sofya remained silent, but her eyes glowered with a violent rage. There was no reason to even spare a breath to speak to these pirates; they were all simply enemies to
S5 Epilogue+The serene forest of Avin...

Tien descended from the sky, holding the coveted crystal he reclaimed tightly in his grasp. The soft sound of the snow beneath his boots echoed through the quiet woods as he made his way deeper into the darkness.
Deeper into the forest sat a woman, who gently cradled an aviny in her lap. Tien paid her no heed; there was a more important task at hand.
The crystal began to glimmer as it slowly began to summon forth a miracle...


:bulletblue: Our Azureus Records, also known as the Wikia, has also been updated a little. League 6 students have been given pages, and category pages have been created to make it easier to look up characters by League and status, among other categories. Graduation will not be finalized until class time has started, as that is the deadline to submit your Request to Graduate (League 3) or to Not Graduate (League 1 & 2). Graduate students will be sorted out from active students in both the Wikia and the group gallery  then.

:bulletblue: What would you guys think about a new icon for our group? ` u `


Any questions or suggestions? Do you think we're missing anything? Feel free to post a comment below!
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